Friday, May 18, 2012

Aren't you glad this isn't your knee

Check out this knee injury from blocking a puck.

You can clearly see the bruising and Inflammation.

This happened as a result of a puck that hit Sami Lepisto during a hockey game a few weeks ago. He plays for the Chicago Blackhawks.

To make things even worse, Chicago was eliminated from the playoffs by the Phoenix Coyotes.

This pictures comes from a tweet that was done by Sami Lepisto himself: "This is why I shouldn't be blocking slap shots!"

Please sure to add a comment if you have had a similar injury!

Monday, May 7, 2012

StoryMakers12 and Jazz Basketball

Just like many of my writing friends - some online friends and a few new friends - I spent the weekend at StoryMakers12. There were a ton of people that I knew that went. It was surprising how different some people look from their online personality. It makes it even more fun.

There was a ton of support from local authors and publishers. There also was a good amount of national editors and agents. We got a little bit of everything. The time and energy spent on the entire conference is astounding. The writing contest, agents, classes, book fair, and a whole bunch of other things was impressive.

I think that everyone goes to a conference with goal in mind. We shoot for the stars hoping to come out with an agent or a better perspective. I've been to a few conferences and I decided to attack this one differently. I wanted to pitch but I felt that I needed to get my editing better under control. Boy was I right.

Editing is a talent that I don't have. I spent a portion of the conference learning more about what to look for and how to become a better technical writer. Better writing means less editing. I also tried to find some contacts that would be helpful. I've come to the realization that I may have to pay someone to edit a few of my manuscripts.

I was also looking for some contacts to set up a writing critique group. This was also highly successful. In addition, I met some authors who are writing very similar stories or categories as myself. We exchanged some contact info. Really, that is the key for me and this conference.

Pitching would have been great, but I am not sure my manuscript is really to that point yet. It's been a process to come to that decision. I think that I've also come to the realization, my first manuscript may be just part of the learning curve. So, this will have to be something I look closer at.

All in all - a pretty good conference.

Later on Saturday - I got a phone call from a good friend.  He had playoff Jazz basketball tickets. What a fantastic way to finish of the night.  Yea me!! to some reading from books from the conference