Monday, June 13, 2011

Trip to the Northwest

Lauren, me and the kids had an amazing trip to the Northwest. It was a good 14-16 hour drive. We were also very fortunate to have Atina [Lauren's Mom] with us as well. We set out to see the U2 concert in Seattle and ended up having a blast and seeing much more that we could have ever thought possible. Who would have guessed that on the second day of our drive we would have hit an inch of snow in early June. An hour later - the temperature had increased 30 degrees as we made our way into Portland.

We also came to one of the three huge dams on the Columbia river - one picture shows how they get barges and other ships from one side of the dam to the other.  Check out the raging water below.

One of the prettiest spots on the trip was at Multnomah Falls.  This was a huge waterfall that allows you to get so close.  You can even walk to a landing closer to the falls. The kids loved this waterfall and the beautiful trees.

The Pride and Joy of our trip.  The U2 concert was fantastic. It was easily the best day of our trip.  We'll maybe not so easy since we had a ton of fun.  The U2 concert was held outside and over 70,000 people came. Lauren and I would not have enjoyed it as much if two of our favorite people hadn't joined us in the fun. Thanks Laura and Eric for coming down from Alaska. We did of course have to spend almost two hours in lines to get a T-shirt and a program.

The day after the U2 concert - We hit a ballgame and watched the Mariners beat the Rays.  Who knew that garlic fries could taste so good. 

Seattle was a blast - from The space needle - to the Aquarium - to the new Avatar Exibit - What a blast!!  We did leave the kids in Portland with Lauren's Mom during our trip to Seattle. - Thanks Kathi and family!!!

Our last spot was Seaside Oregon.  How I love the beach.  The kids and I spent hours walking the beach - looking for sea shells and catching a crab, some sea anemones, and tons of starfish and hermit crabs. Why don't I live closer to a beach???

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  1. Ya!!! Why DON'T we live closer to the beach?!?!?!