Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Much Needed Vacation - Slopes of Utah

I was so blessed last week to have escaped the day job and to escape to the mountains. We have been planning this little vacation since before Thanksgiving. We planned on one and a half days of ski lessons and a day and a half of time on the real mountain. I was worried about some aches and pains. But I was really worried on how the kids would do. They did so much better than we did. They got along with their instructor and she took the time to really go one-on-one in teaching them. After two days, they were skiing better than we were.  Take a look at some of our pictures.

What a blast we had. Skiing is such a fun thing to do. Unfortunately - we went during some of the coldest weather Utah has seen in many years. The last picture - the inversion was so bad that the clouds looked like a storm in SLC. In fact, it was pollution. My asthma was loving it up in the fresh air.

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