Tuesday, May 24, 2011

10 Things I've Learned on my Path to Become a Writer

My name is Logan and I would love to be an author!!! ["Good luck," comes a shout from the audience]

I have learned that positive self advice can never hurt as I am often bombarded by self-doubt and even fear. It has been a long time since I have felt fear in something that I've wanted to do.

One thing that I'm really afraid of, is heights. I didn't know that I was until I was high above a canyon. The same for writing a book. My fear is not the actual writing, but that moment, when I let myself think about it, allowing someone else to look at something that has become so personal. I can imagine that this is a common feeling among beginners.

Writing a book has been much more difficult than I would have ever expected. I've been working on it for almost 18 months now. I've learned so much, not only on writing, but editing, grammar, literary agents, and publishing. I hope to learn much more on a more personal and intimate level of each of these things.

The Drum roll please:
10 Things I have learned since I started writing my manuscript

1.) I suk at spelling and grammar

2.) When you think you're done - you are usually not - give it time - then attack it one more time.

3.) Twitter has been somewhat helpful - [Yes, even I was surprised]

4.) Editing is where the battle is won....or lost.

5.) Writing Critiques/groups or friends are worth their weight....in gold.

6.) Conferences can push you like nothing else. You also get a chance to step out of your comfort.

7.) My favorite thing about writing is the unexpected turns that writing allows and even necessitates.

8.) Characters become a part of you

9.) Plot and storyline seem to be what separates a good story from an average one.

10.) I am surprised how much I doubt myself. If I can't have confidence in me, who else will!

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  1. Logan, I totally feel you on every single count. I have the same problems, worries, and surprises. I can't wait to read your book though. I know you're a hard worker and you'll push through. Plus I love that I can learn from you mistakes, lol!
    In all seriousness, you're helping me on my journey as well. Keep moving forward!