Monday, May 23, 2011

Name the Deformity to Ear

Type of deformity of the outer ear.

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This is Cauliflower Ear

Is an Ear complication also called: hematoma auris, traumatic auricular hematoma.

The external portion of the ear suffers an injury, blood clot or other cause for a collection of fluid to occur under the perichondrium.

The cartilage of the ear, separates from the perichondrium causing a fibrious tissues to develop.

This is pictured above - the thickening of the tissues is caused by the fibrious tissue.

The external ear resembles a cauliflower - and so it is named.

Hematoma is the accumulation of blood in a certain area.


Commonly seen:

1.) Wrestlers

2.) Fighters

3.) Kick boxers or Martial Artists

4.) Rugby players


Can be prevented or limited by Headgear - that protects the ears.

If untreated, can be painful and deformity and even hearing loss.



1.) Antibiotics - when necessary.

2.) Draining - when necessary

3.) Tension or Compression dressing - placed around ears by a medical provider to limit the separation of the cartilage

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