Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another Day - Well almost.

I work as a physician assistant at a Prison - it is exciting and boring - depending on the moment. Most days, I do anything that a normal PA in a family practice would do.  Lots of back pain, colds, sickness, and medication refills.  Then there are those days when I get to do something fun.  The pictures below show just one of those days.  A guy came in and had what was thought to be an infection or an ingrown hair.

When I cut open an area just under the chin, I found the above picture.  If you can imagine that the body had walled off this area, probably an ingrown hair.  But the hair or hairs kept growing. Soon a cyst-like structure was formed. It had been treated with antibiotics - but will little improvement. A week later it had doubled in size and the necessary steps were taken to remove this growth!

The human body is amazing and so much can happen that is unexpected. This is just another illustration of that point.

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